Maori Glyphs

Type Design

moari books 最終的に完成したマオリ文字の本
maori book front マオリ文字の本の表紙
maori poster 1 マオリポスター 1 (プロジェクトイメージ)
maori poster 2 マオリポスター 2 (クリエーションプロセス)
The motivation behind this project stems from my strong interest in the Maori language that does not possess its own written system. If the Maori had their own written system, what kind of style would it be? This question was the first phase of this project.
The final resolution is in the form of a series of books that include the final version of Maori glyphs, 'Maori Iwi' and 'Maori Koru' and several experimental prototypical Maori glyphs.
maori poster 3 マオリポスター 3 (マオリ文字)
2007 ~ 2010
Client: Myself
Art Direction & Design: BUKU YOSHINO